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Chibi with hing decoration co., LTDWas established2004Years,The registered capital of above ten thousand yuan,Is a building decoration design、Construction as one of professional enterprises,Is approved by the country built hall building decoration 1st class construction enterprise、Class b design units。Is the eco-circumstances building decoration association governing units,Red cliff is the first decoration enterprise。2004By good decoration co., LTD in shenzhen xing ZhuangShiBu chibi chibi branch changes to,The resources after restructuring2006In formal register“Chibi with hing decoration co., LTD”,And hubei province“Architectural decoration project specialized contracting grade 3”Qualifications。2016Year company apply to the competent department in charge of the upgrade,In2017Years1Month13Day“Building decoration engineering contracting secondary qualification”。The company has senior management1People,Intermediate above management elites5People,Senior designer3People,Professional designers5People,Skilled workers100More than one。We are a group of the type and combination of market-oriented,For open opportunity in the future together。After more than ten years of temper,With decoration“With quality to create credibility,With credit to create word of mouth,By word of mouth to create brand”。In the future,We will be dedicated to the pursuit of the ideal、Creation“Enterprises in one hundred”。 

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