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About us

       Hebi city bo yun technology co., LTD. Is located in hebi city q marina area,The environment is exquisite,The geographical position is superior。

    Hebi city bo yun technology co., LTD. Is a research and development、Production、SalesCoal quality analysis instrumentProducts of modern enterprise,For the power、Coal、Coking、Metallurgy、Petrochemical industry、Such as cement and coal related with coal quality analytical instruments and laboratory overall solutions。My company to the market as the guidance,Was determined to learn advanced technology。

    Our main products are reaching for the sky:The quantity of heat meterSeries、Sulfur meterSeries、Industrial analyzer series、Moisture meter、The ash melting point series、High temperature furnace series、Glial layer tester、Caking index series and so on。One of my company Independent development is developedBYTDL-8000BVarious intelligent sulfur meter,With continuous automatic directly、Sample unit、Add a one-time26A sample,And may at any time continuous sample,Greatly reduced the workload lab technicians;Adopt integration structure,Automatically landed、Sample unit、Cracking furnace、Electrolytic cell、Blender、Institutions directly、Air purification system and other parts assembly in the enclosure,The instrument structure is compact、Aesthetically pleasing;Time can be recognized automatically according to the different coal sample determination,The result is accurate,Speed is fast;Program controlled automatic heating up、Temperature control、Directly、Return samples、The electrolysis、Calculation、Results saved automatically、Printing,Laboratory personnel work is just the sample。BYTNJ-5000Automatic caking index tester can make a stir, respectively、Static pressure、Drum three kinds of experimental results。BYTNJ-3000Stir caking index measuring instrument,The caking index of drum and stirring apparatus together neatly,BYTNJ-2ZCaking index tester will caking index and static pressure together。

We know that:Is science and technology The productive forces,Only innovation is the development of the enterprise Guarantee。

We believe in:Good faith to win customers,Science and technology to create value,Quality change in the future。

Company tenet:Customers、Quality、The soul of enterprise ·Service、Innovation、The soul of a company

Service commitments

    For creation ,Improve business visibility,Sets up the enterprise image,Based on it technology“All the pursuit of high quality,Customer satisfaction for the purpose”In the spirit,In order to“ Preferential price, Considerate service, Reliable product quality”The principle of,Solemn commitment to you:

A、To provide customers with timely pre-sale、Sale、After-sales service,Sales engineers need to know before sales customers detailed requirements,Detail company product characteristics and distribution of products information,Help customers to understand the related products of the company,In the equipment selection for our customers、The optimal design of the laboratory provides the rationalization proposal, etc。

2、Products from the date of installation and debugging the machine warrantyOneYears,Lifelong maintenance(Vulnerability、Except the consumable)。

3、After the instrument to the user units,Free installation debugging,And free training operators on site,Learned so far。

Four、To answer the user1Hours to reply,If you need after-sales personnel on-site service48The user scene within hours。 

Five、Long-term to provide users with equipment vulnerable、Consumable accessories,Price concessions,Quality assurance。

Six、Product software for free upgrades for life。

Seven、Build customer file,Use telephone HuiFangZhi,Timely communication with users,Understand the equipment usage,Adopt the user reasonable Suggestions,In a timely manner to improve product performance,Constantly improve the quality of the product,Good service every customer。

Eight、After-sales service special line:0392-2555833

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Contact us

Contacts:Qin's manager

The phone:0392-2555833


A mobile phone:13137223333

The mailbox:13137223333@163.com

Address:Hebi city q marina district east section of wei river road

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Hebi city bo yun technology co., LTD. Is a companyCoal quality analysis instrumentProduct research and development、Production、Sales and service of modern enterprise,For the power、Coal、Coking、Metallurgy、Petrochemical industry、Cement、Associated with coal fields such as scientific research institutions to provide coal quality analytical instruments and laboratory overall solution。Hebi city bo technology co., LTD. Products are reaching for the skyCalorimetric apparatus seriesSulfur instrument seriesMicrocomputer ash melting apparatus seriesCaking index tester series、Glial layer tester series、Sample preparation and broken series、Drying cabinet series、Moisture meter、Coal laboratory testing equipment、Coal quality analysis instrument, etc。

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