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    Thousand year figure posters-6
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    Day bo strength

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           Company is a national high and new technology enterprise,Has provincial enterprise technology center and engineering technology research and development center,With high standards,The center of the modern laboratory、Measuring room and product inspection room,Has the advanced test instruments and equipment hundreds of sets,Detection means and the technology and equipment has reached the international advanced level。
           With China electronics technology group corporation、Shanghai jiaotong university、Shanghai institute of synthetic resin, such as domestic universities and research institutions formed a long-term cooperation.......

    Human resources

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    Principle of choose and employ persons:“Ability is more important than knowledge,Knowledge is more important than education”;“People-oriented”Is the day the important concept of enterprise culture,Development、In this competition。 
    Talented people,If you want to join us,Please contact us!
    The human resources department:0086-537-4432076 
    Contacts: Huiming tao

    The development course

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    The development courseIn the futureBecome a professional、International auto parts manufacturing company
    2013Mainland group to set up a joint venture with Germany:Lu Bo automotive electronics(Qufu)Co., LTD
    2008    National high and new technology enterprise
    1988    The first domestic thermal switch successfully trial-produced
    1971     The company predecessor:Qufu auto fittings factory was set up

    The enterprise culture

    Mission:Build customer trust、Employees proud of the company。
    Vision:Specialization of the day、International day。
    The spirit of enterprise:People-oriented、Advocating learning、The good faith innovation、To surpass oneself。
    Core values:Pragmatic、Tenacity、Professional dedication。
    Company main product cures the warm、The temperature sensor、Oil pressure alarm、PVCValve、Reversing lamp switch and other products。For saic gm、Faw-vw、Shanghai Volkswagen、Guangzhou Honda、Gac Toyota, etc100Several manufacturers。

    Product category

    The office:0086-537-4436307  
    Domestic Marketing Department:0086-537-4436203
    The international trade department:0086-537-4436301  
    Address:Qufu, shandong province tourism development road of economic development zone58Number 

    Company profile

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