Specializing in the production:Mixer/Steamed bread machine/Vegetable cutter/Peeling machine/Hair removal machine/A blender/Vacuum packing machine chopping machine/Roll kneading machine/The rice glue ball machine/Form a complete set of kitchen equipment

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Knowledge discovery-Introduction to vacuum packaging machinery of transcendental food machinery
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Zhucheng detachment food machinery co., LTDIs a collection of scientific research、Manufacturing、The sale in a body,Specializing in the production of food processing machinery、The kitchen equipment、Food packaging machinery of professional production enterprises。The main products are mixer、Dough mixer、Steamed bread machine、Vegetable cutter、Shred dicing machine、Peeling machine、Hair removal machine、A blender、Vacuum packing machine、The chopping machine、Roll kneading machine、Yuanxiao machine, kitchen equipment 13 major series, etc200Multiple varieties,Over the years,Detachment with high quality products,The high quality service,Preferential prices has won good reputation with customers,The products sell well both at home and abroad,Welcome by users。Welcome the large customer enquiries,Detachment machinery for you24Hours of service!

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