Guangdong company of new metal detection equipment co., LTD. Is a registered in strict accordance with national laws and regulations legitimate business of general taxpayer enterprises,Is a metal detection instruments and equipment in the field of long-term commitment to detection technology and other professional research and development、Production、Sales of science and technology enterprises。With independent brand:Even the new card(Trademark registration number5999209)。Clothing shoes and hats apparel products involving the toy industry metal detection equipment(The needle detector machine、Check the needle machine、Platform needle detector machine、Handheld needle detector)Series;The food industry all metal detecting instrument series;Pipeline metal detectors(Metal separator)Series;Security check metal detector series of riot(Handheld metal detectors)And so on four big series products。

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Balanced type anti-jamming high sensitivity needle detector machine


Brief introduction:JZQ-630YBalanced type anti-jamming high sensitivity needle detector machine Is a with the most perfect function of needle detector machine products,USES the Japanese8500Digital type main analysis system,Has the superior performance such as high sensitivity and intelligence analysis,Simple and easy for operation and maintenance etc。Can rival bags and printing and dyeing、The paper、Plastic industries such as paint effect choice balanced functions were ruled out。Can also be used for food processing enterprises need to rule out only about the detection of ferromagnetic metal aluminum piece packing。

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Digital full metal detection machine Gold machine


Brief introduction:This is a digital metal detection machine,Can detect metal foreign body,The European and American standard design,The whole machine design can meet the demands of food machinery,Suitable for testing connection assembly line。Apply to industry:Food、yaoProduct、Toys、Clothing、Shoes、Chemical industry、Leather、Knitting industry products,Used to test various types of products or raw materials mixed with metal impurities in the process of production and processing。Such as:Iron and non ferromagnetic metal objects(Iron、Copper、Aluminum、Stainless steel, and other common metal can be detected)

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HdXRay imaging detector XCheck the needle machine


Brief introduction:GQX-950Type of shoe bags and apparel industryXRay foreign body detection machine(Inspection centre dedicated hd version)Also calledXLight machine,Is a professionalXLight screening equipment,This equipment is usedXRay imaging principle of shoes materials、The handbag、Bags and other products for the perspective imaging,To check the products in the residue/Left/Did not pull out the needle and existing foreign body,In order to achieve rapid eliminate non-conforming,To ensure the quality of the product。Also used in tourist attractions、Sports cultural sites、The conference center、The expo center、luggage deposi、The mall、The hotel、The court、Prisons and other places for small items safety inspection as well as the Chinese caterpillar fungus、Medicinal herbs、Food products such as detection of foreign bodies。

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The aluminum foil packing induction type metal detection machine


Brief introduction:Even the new cardDLM-503AThe aluminum foil packing food metal testing machine is a specially designed for aluminum foil、Aluminum film class of non-ferrous metal film packaging design of the production。Using the magnetic induction principle for the majority of the aluminium film packaging food testing of ferromagnetic metal foreign body。

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Big boxes conveyor check needle machine


Brief introduction:Even the new cardDN-8500-II8040Big boxes conveying type needle detector machine is a special custom insoles shoes material used to detect the whole package of large packaging check needle machine,And can be used to check the toy、Clothing、Shoes、Chemical industry、Leather、The knitting、Plastic products, etc、Heavy packaging need to detect ferromagnetic metal impurity industry,Used to test the inclusion or lost in needle of raw materials or products、A nail、Screw、The blade、Tool、The wire of metal foreign body。Can choose handbags and pigment dyeing and printing industry effect balanced functions were ruled out。Can also be used for food processing enterprises need to rule out only about the detection of ferromagnetic metal aluminum piece packing。

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Plastic metal separator


Brief introduction:DLM-G65Metal separator(German movement)On the principle of induction to detect metal,Of magnetic and non-magnetic metal detection to a high-precision metal detection and separation equipment,Metals including iron(Magnetism)And the iron(Non-magnetic:Copper、Aluminum、Tin、Stainless steel, etc),Because in the process of material crushing recycle old metal impurities mixed in it,Metal impurities may result in equipment damage,Impact the production。In the production of cut,If you have metal impurity,Can result in injection molding machine and extruder screw、The cylinder block、Nozzle failure, etc,Also can produce any blockage、Flow blockage、Exit jams、Scratched product and so on。Metal impurities can also harm the consumer,Cause huge claims。In view of the above reasons,In preparation for using the material must be considered when potential risk of metal contamination,And how to minimize this risk。Must be ruled out as much as possible of these potential metal particles impurities!The simplest way is to:Use full metal separator,It can automatically detect and isolated particles、Linear metal impurities – As long as it is metal can be detected and ruled out,Whether it is stainless steel、Copper、Aluminum、Zinc、Steel,Or iron。

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