Nanchang municipal utilities ecological agriculture co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of nanchang municipal utilities group's first foray into a wholly owned subsidiary in the field of ecological agriculture。In the company2016Years4Month1Was founded on day,The company projects--Ecological agriculture demonstration garden is located in nanchang city south of xinxiang xinxiang south,Near the superhighway of silver,The transportation is convenient,Only about from the center of nanchang city20Kilometers。The total area in the industrial park2302.47m,To create sets of agricultural production、Processing of agricultural products、Science and technology research and development、The popular science education、Ecological regulation for the integration of large-scale industrialization base of efficient ecological agriculture。Wisdom company passing on farming,“Think tank”Build efficient agriculture,“Hui”Building green plantations,Implement green agriculture、Ecological agriculture、Agricultural technology development goals。 The structure of park building with two pulse three area,Through natural north-south axis and axis of two water vein,The park is divided into three function areas,The efficient farming area、Processing and storage area、Comprehensive service area。Efficient farming area will form a complete set of the introduction of domestic and foreign various cutting edge...[More and more]

Nanchang city、Rural county bureau of agriculture and rural areas a line of site supervision park

2019Years8Month7Monday morning,Nanchang city bureau of agriculture and rural areas of rural industry development office, deputy director of the Xiong Yongping、Director of nanchang county bureau of agriculture and rural areas Wei Junlin line to come to our campus visit guidance《2018Nanchang city rural complex prize for capital projects》The construction progress。Ecological agriculture company deputy general manager Mr Zhang accompanied。...[More and more]

Nanchang municipal utilities hired ecological agriculture co., LTD“The fruit tree altogether

Hired by nanchang municipal utilities ecological agriculture co., LTD“The fruit trees Shared adoption”Operations team project tender documents and bid evaluation measures,The bid evaluation committee to strictly all the bid documents、Detailed comprehensive review,After the review、The bid assessment committee to the tenderer preferred recommend the following candidate winning bidders...[More and more]

Security responsibility consciousness is heavier than mount tai

2019Years1Month27At noon,Our company employees than root fai on duty at the scene search process,Discovery park highway side grove ignited the fire,Because the ground is littered with a lot of dead leaves in the grove, and shrubs,And the surrounding is not far our production greenhouses,If you don't control in a timely manner,The flame is likely to burn to our production greenhouses,Certain damage to company property。...[More and more]

Struggling to open construction of modern new journey in rich beautiful happiness

5Month23Day,Liu qi, secretary of provincial party committee chaired a meeting of the standing committee of the provincial party committee(To expand)Meeting and the province's leading cadres meeting,Convey the study and implementation xi general secretary work in promoting the rise of the central region seminar's important speech spirit and the provincial government work report at the meeting's important speech spirit。...[More and more]

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The name of the company:Nanchang municipal utilities ecological agriculture co., LTD

The project name:Xinxiang south ecological agriculture demonstration garden

Contacts:Xiong Xiaojie



Address:Jiangxi nanchang nanchang county xinxiang nanchang municipal utilities ecological agriculture demonstration garden