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His peace light industry machinery co., LTD
His peace light industry machinery co., LTD
His peace light industry machinery co., LTD
His peace light industry machinery co., LTD
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  His peace light industry machinery co., LTD is located in henan province QinYang village industrial zone in the city,Was built in1985Years,In2006Formed according to modern enterprise system in large-scale standardized joint-stock enterprises,The registered capital2000Ten thousand yuan,Is the collection scientific research、The design and manufacture、Marketing services in a large building...

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  • 2009Years9Colorful paper3800Long net high paper machine run successfully
    The company launched in anhui fuyang3800/280Long net multi-cylinder paper machine in high watts2009Years9In formal production。The user:Fuyang paper co., LTD。Address:Anhui province...
    In time:2016-12-29 Browse the number:7167
  • 2008Years3Month8Day,3300Triassic network into end
    Company cooperate with xi 'an paper machinery factory,Precision molding3300Triassic network achieves the indicators350m/minA high speed。...
    In time:2016-12-29 Browse the number:7053
  • 2008Years2Month,Funing peak success out of paper
      Companies in jiangsu yancheng3400/150Long multi-cylinder paper machine in the net2008Years2In formal production。  The user:Country xing feng paper co., LTD  The ground...
    In time:2016-12-29 Browse the number:7105
  • 2007Years12Month7Day,Fuyang c-com success out of paper
      My company launched in fuyang c-com paper3600Nissan100Tons of high-strength corrugated paper production line in2007Years11Month25Installation ends,12Month7The day began to test...
    In time:2016-12-29 Browse the number:7101