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He company“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Project party class

   8Month5Day,Queensland fiber company secretary of the party committee WenMing spoke all party member entitled to the company《The thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics with xi jinping, new era,Forces the mind、To guide the practice、Promote the work》Party lecture on your project。Sixth circuit industry theme education steering group members to guidance。

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Company news
He fiber company“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education meeting 2019-09-10
Fine organization9In theoretical study group party committee collective learning 2019-09-09
He fiber company party committee democratic life meeting theme education projects 2019-08-27
Foreign company“Five good”Series of theme activities to celebrate the founding of new China70The anniversary 2019-08-23
Queensland fiber company theme education leading group held a meeting arrangement deployment project democratic life... 2019-08-23
He fiber company party committee held a theme education against the party constitution rules for gap project meeting 2019-08-20
He fiber company2019Children grow panel in employees 2019-08-15
Fiber group company party committee to carry out“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Project learning 2019-08-13
The dynamic of the industry
Thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary industry important indicator spirit timing well organized the second batch... 2019-09-11
Consolidate deepen the theme education results High quality education by subject to promote industry development with high quality 2019-09-09
Yunnan ZhongYan party held“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Special democratic life 2019-08-30
Pearl fiber company party committee controlled the party constitution to find gap project meeting 2019-08-20
Southern company“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Communication subject education professional research achievements 2019-08-13
Yunnan ZhongYan first machine equipment operation vocational skills contest open 2019-08-06
Yunnan ZhongYan main leadership“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Theme party class education projects 2019-07-29
Yunnan ZhongYan to carry out the theme of education for the third time concentrated study group 2019-07-26

The safe operation of the time

Last monthEHSThe accident:0 Times
This yearEHSThe accident:0 Times
This year's production disruptions:1 Times
Continuous safe operation:190 Days


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