The labor contract

The labor contract

To establish labor relations,Shall conclude a labor contract in writing。The labor contract involves the social insurance、Wages、Overtime vacation, etc...

Industrial injury compensation

Industrial injury compensation

Industrial injury and disability,After inductrial injury accident is that staff must be after two big steps,At what time for inductrial injury to be recognized...

Labor arbitration

Labor arbitration

Arbitration and litigation are the two ways of handling labor dispute,General case no settlement is reached,Can laborer to the arbitration organ...

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    The conduction process of the arbitration case...

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Laws and regulations
Guangzhou labor law——What is Guangzhou labor law——What is the fact that labor relations,Enterprise how to bear...
Guangzhou labor law——In the enterprise Guangzhou labor law——Myth and the risk of enterprise in the labor contract...
Guangzhou labor law——Migrant workers Guangzhou labor law——Migrant workers,Will know4A labor law little common sense!1...
Guangzhou labor law——About the trial Guangzhou labor law——About the trial of labor dispute case applicable law issues...

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