Bright workshop annatto furniture co., LTD,Is located in the work of the township、The world of woodcarving——Zhejiang dongyang,Is a collection research and development、Production、The sale is a body specialized annatto furniture production enterprise,Dozens of skillful craftsman has exquisite technology,The equipment is advanced,Wood drying industry leading technical level,Company theme:One-to-one high-end custom,Corporate philosophy:Excellent traditional culture heritage。Main in black bois DE acid branch of East Africa(Purple light tan)For raw materials,Purple light tan, slow growth,Production was less、High density、Oily、The corrosion resistance is strong,Is the most expensive in the world、One of the most rare wood species,In the local is called the shenmu,Has the very high collection value。Ming workshop in line with“The good faith management、The first quality”Business enterprise aim,Always adhere to the traditional mortise and tenon joint structure、Pure manual sculpture technology,Create real value for our customers...

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    The site of factory:Zhejiang dongyang pond in the west Address:China zhejiang dongyang woodcarving city on the second floorFArea2194-2200Number The phone:0579-86378866 Fax:0579-86378866
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