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Hebei taida packaging materials co., LTD., founded in2005Years, Is located in“The northern city of plastic”As xiong county industrial development zone in hebei province,Covers an area of about40m,The registered capital1476Ten thousand yuan,The company introduces the advanced production equipment at home and abroad,Has a modern large-scale production workshop3A,At the same time under construction in a workshop,After the completion of construction area15000Square meters,Equipped with4Large cast film production line,In the production of colorless, tasteless non-toxic safety environmental protectionCPPStretch film,Now investment5268Ten thousand yuan....

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cppStretch film packaging film market demand
cppStretch film packaging film for food、Pharmaceutical and personal care products quality and storage life will have a significant impact。In recent years,Food packaging is developing rapidly... [Detailed content]

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