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Pantomime horse transporter

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Jining ruban yogarajah engineering machinery co., LTD., established in2001Years,Is one specialized is engaged in the pantomime horse transporter、The accessory、The concrete mixer truck、Concrete pump truck、Development、Sales in the integration of private enterprises。Company is located in jining city in shandong province economic development zone industrial park,East alongside the beijing-hangzhou grand canal with a long history,In the south Holland railway,In the west105National highway;Jining station west road pass,The geographical position is superior,The traffic is very convenient。The company registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,Existing fixed assets2.0Hundred million,Employees300More than one,The professional engineering and technical personnel98People、Senior engineer8People、Senior technician63People。Since the company was built,Three times by the city science and technology commission and bureau“Star enterprise”,2002-2004For three consecutive years was the city quality supervision bureau awarded product sampling inspection“The products are qualified、Perfect quality system、Product quality is stable”The title,2005In science and technology of China high-quality goods expo organizing committee awarded“Science and technology of China high-quality goods exposition gold medal”,2006Years-2012Successive years7Years was named the national largest production enterprises and small and medium-sized tractor crane China famous brand product,For ten consecutive years in the same industry production first,2001-2012Successive years12By the technical supervision bureau of jining city awarded“Quality trustworthy unit”,Jining city industrial and commercial bureau awarded“Consumer satisfaction units”,At the same time by jining city consumers association awarded“Rest assured consumption unit”,2004In the same industry first passedISO9001The international system certification,2006Years to get the product、Technology and agent import and export right,2013In jining city named《Jining city enterprise technology center》,2014Be considered《National high and new technology enterprise》,2014In jining city named《Jining city medium and small construction machinery engineering technology research center》。

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Concrete feeding capacity calculation
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The dynamic control of concrete mixture ratio
The dynamic control of concrete mixture ratio[In more detail]
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